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Noise stoppers

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A chap in my neighbourhood just closed down his high end audio store, due to lack of interest (maybe bad location, or it's an ominous sign of the impeding doom of the hi fi industry?) A few days ago I took the advantage of the slashed prices and bought the Audioquest noise stoppers (http://www.amazon.com/Audioquest-RCA.../dp/B00447ZOCE). I ended up buying all-in-all 26 of these caps.

Wasn't expecting anything but the most subtle improvement in the sound quality, but was seriously surprised after installing all the caps. The net effect was that I'm now able to hear many more previously unheard details on many of the familiar recordings. This effect is especially noticeable on tracks with a lot of intricate percussion, as well as on tracks with choirs.

This made me think that I must have some serious sources of RFI and/or EMI in my listening environment. Is there a way to measure those? I'm now thinking that I should probably expedite installing the RF choke tweak on my Maggies.

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