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General Asylum: RE: Thanks for the nice wishes and words of advice. by kurt s

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RE: Thanks for the nice wishes and words of advice.

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I also have a sister and her husband living in their area that can help a lot, and has done well so far. Unfortunately, they are too busy to do enough I think. But I am confident overall this will all work somehow.

My parents might be looking to move sometime for better access to care, but they really don't want to leave their nice home right now.

But anyway, my parents don't own a computer or have internet service. And I am inclined to not change that for at least some time. There are internet places for money transfers and such, but I won't be doing much audio experimenting there. I won't have the time I am sure. I might need to drive both parents around town for them and help with their money matters and hospital and PT bills, etc.

I guess I then have a job! Or they might just refuse my help in short order and tell me to go back. Living together will be tough for all of us. Sometimes less is more. But not so for the short run I think.


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