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Re: 9VAC Mains Adapter for UK

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Are you sure you need a 3.4 amp adapter? According to their web sites, the Art DI/O takes 800mA, and the Super DAC 500mA (at 9V ac).

You can buy 1A adapters from the common electronic component suppliers, such as
http://www.rapidelectronics.co.uk (9V 1A AC PSU 2.1mm, 85-1662 £4.95)

These adapters are also used with many common keyboards, so you might also find one at a pro music shop, such as
and many others (see Sound on Sound magazine for adverts)

If you really want higher current and can use a soldering iron and a few simple tools, just buy a bare 240V-9V transformer from one of the component suppliers listed above, and a plastic case, and wire it up yourself.

Hope this helps


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