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Reaction - Spoilers

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Note this includes a massive spoiler that covers the whole series.

At the very end, the time travel paradox could not be sidestepped. Two people whose very existence was due to a car crash came back and stopped the car crash. Obviously then they would not exist and could not stop the crash. To its credit, the show tried to justify this with a reference to quantum mechanics and a many worlds interpretation, but none of that really makes sense in this context.

But as fantasy, that kind of stuff matters little, I thought this was audacious and imaginative and well planned out start to finish in a way that say Westworld was not - that seemed to be made up week to week. With my study, I think I got maybe 80% of season 3, but I will read some recaps and eventually revisit the whole series. I actually look forward to that. Really enjoy this kind of puzzle plot where people are more like cogs in a big plot machine, and puzzle plots don't get much more puzzling.

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