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Amp/Preamp Asylum: REVIEW: Audio Experience Concerto Plus Phono Preamp by rotten rottie

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REVIEW: Audio Experience Concerto Plus Phono Preamp

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Model: Concerto Plus
Category: Phono Preamp
Suggested Retail Price: $2500
Description: PhonoPreamp
Manufacturer URL: Audio Experience
Manufacturer URL: Audio Experience

Review by rotten rottie ( A ) on May 19, 2005 at 11:34:20
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for the Concerto Plus

I concurr with the reiview in nearly all respects. I do differ with the conclusion of tubes. I do aree that he factory tubes are not equal to the design. I have an old neighbor who was a radio/tv repairman for a family friend and have rescued a number of RCAdranded Mullards from the Fleetwood plant. Their installation gained about 2 db on the output. I am using a Audio Control AC-20 realtime analyzer set in the 2db fast mode. Cables out are very important. I picked up the rapport one meter silver to connect the Concerto plus to the Symphony plus for about $50. Audiogon has MAS 1m. silver with rca's for $60 so ther is no point in paying the inflated prices for dealer silver condutors. The cartridge is a .3mv 100ohm design. Teh gain I am getting (56 db HI and 50db LO) is about factory spec. This is attributable to the Mullards better sensitivty. (1680/1640)+ per tube. The circuitry is strong enough to take advantage of the Mullards. The bells are distinct and not too bright and the violins do not shreek after I switched to the Sonic Link (now bladk Rhodium ) Maroons. Before that the I used Monster Interlink 400's and Eichmann6's. The maroons ore nickel conductor which has a different dsp5 orbital structure and will take out the brightness. The low level output is good enough to record directly from the Concerto plus without going through the Syphonies pluson a Sony TCW7ESA tape dek using type II and IV tape. Two cuts on Hendricks really test the whole system . the guitar reverbrevolving between left and right without distortion on"Can You See Me" and the opening to "All Along the Watchtower" are strenuous tests of clarity. The unit passes with distinction. Teh cello passage early in the 4th Movement of Beethoven's (th is a good test of how the unit deals with avery soft bass passage. The cellos are clear and not muddied the way many soft bass passages are. Teh chorus is just grand.

Product Weakness: stock tubes are not equal to the design
Product Strengths: Very high upward potential

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: YSA AUDIO custom design
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Ysa Audio Syphonies plus
Sources (CDP/Turntable): Rega P5 ,RG300 Expressisimo wire loomShelteer 501 II
Speakers: Klipsch CF-4
Cables/Interconnects: Rapport Silver, sonic Link Maroon Standard 14 gage speaker wire paralled
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Shure III test record; Hendricks Smash Hits, Blues; DDG von Karajan Beethoven 9 Sympnonies 200th Aanv. ED
Room Size (LxWxH): 23 x 15 x 10
Room Comments/Treatments: Standard master bedroom carpet drapes
Time Period/Length of Audition: 4 months
Other (Power Conditioner etc.): Tripplitte ISO 1000 transformer
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner

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Topic - REVIEW: Audio Experience Concerto Plus Phono Preamp - rotten rottie 11:34:20 05/19/05 ( 5)