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Amp/Preamp Asylum: Re: Rocket 88 tubes by dodgersfanatic

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Re: Rocket 88 tubes

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I have a Rocket 88. I'm running it with Ei 6CG7's in place of the 6922's and Svetlana EL34's in place of the KT88's. While the power is decreased given the small space that my gear is in there is more than enough power available. The main benefit of the EL34's is that they give me more of a smooth sound. The stock 6922 are probably the best oportunity for you to upgrade. There was a huge difference in the sound when I went with the 6CG7's. Much smoother sound. I felt the 6922's in combination with the KT88's were too bright. I've also tried Electro Harmonics 6550's in combination with the 6CG7's. They were too bright as well. Since I'm happy with the current power output in my room I could definately live without the brightness. I haven't gotten into NOS stuff, but I'm planning to in the near future. Hope this helps.


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