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Amp/Preamp Asylum: RE: Best amp for Sonus Faber Strads. by steven d

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RE: Best amp for Sonus Faber Strads.

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Back then in 2009, I never thought I was going to be an analog guy so I didn't pay attention to the source. For digital, a Marantz SACD player would have been the source most times I went in. The dealer always fed amps with a preamp from the same manufacturer.

The sound of the Strad/Rowland combo was some of the warmest, fluid, and smooth sound I've heard from SS gear. The Amp would have been in the ilk of the current 201. It was easy, with a finesse about it. The room was fairly large at a guesstimate of 18x25 set up on the long wall. Without being forward, there was always a sense of being there really close to the musicians.

The Strad is a very special speaker, IMHO. It has a sound for sure, one that gave me chills every time I heard it! It really deserves a great amp, and I would feel comfortable saying a Rowland would a great match for it.

Stradivari was way out of my price range, but I ended up with Cremona Auditor which I enjoyed for three years.

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Topic - Best amp for Sonus Faber Strads. - tmsorosk 17:11:06 07/22/12 ( 13)