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RE: Sonist speakers at the capital Audiofest

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I took a bunch of pics from the show, which I'll try and dig up and post somewhere. ;-)

All in all, good show. I enjoyed "Mr Sonist" & his speakers quite a bit. Great unit, great pricing. Very nicely made cabinets, if I may say so.

As for best in show, the two Joseph Audio rooms kinda blew everything else away (at least for me), but I really did like the Border Patrol/Living Voice room as well.

On the flip side, I thought the YG setup was pretty blah -- thin and mechanical sounding. I really liked the MBL room, but while the soundstage was incredible, the whole dropping-the-bass-off-a-cliff thing was disappointing. And the Nolas sounded terribly lumpy.

I thought it was a fun show. Too bad more dealers didn't show up. I was there all three days (and followed Max Dudious around for one of them, that guy is hysterical), and the crowds were pretty impressive -- especially for a first-show.

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