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Speaker Asylum: Juliette Speakers - Incredibly Good - Read!! by SilentServices

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Juliette Speakers - Incredibly Good - Read!!

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This text is about the Juliette - Air suspension Speaker System Model-S-145 by topp electronics ( 1960-1970 era )

Please look for them... and i repeat... this is NOT a joke! me, my brother, my 4 other friends have all classed this thing in their " Mystery of life " folder!

Properly matched with neutral to warm gear ( warm would be even better ) these thing will blow you away.

Sure they cant play as loud as other today's speaker but yet... they can play loud enough, i tested them at a decent listening volume, even a tad more then usual and surprisingly they sound clear and in control... its even me that limit the amplifier volume since im so afraid to break a unique and so rare piece of old junk lol

Look for them in garage sell... flea market... Goodwill stores... i dont know where you can find these! but try... i found mine in the garbage and was so close to just kick in the woofers.... then replace this idea by something not really " more mature " make them fries on my Gutsy Hitachi PowerAmp. And at the last sec... i said to myself " with the help of this little angel on my shoulder " give them a try... just a 4 sec, let them speak... poor old thing... full of dent, paint and other wear marks.

So i did... let them sing for a song or two... And even then... with no isolation, air leak everywhere... they manage to escape death. In fact they escaped death 3 times this day... by avoiding garbage first... then my foot and finally my PowerAmp.

And dont let the cab dimension fool you... they dont sound boxy or anything! they sound just great!. I ensure you that with a goodsub... it would be hard to beat...

Only thing you have to do to make them sound better from the stock for is to seal the cab inside properly with wood glue and put a little felt inside ( very easy since the back is hold by few tacks )

The sound you will get is nothing short of incredible. Tons of detail, separation like nothing else i have heard and realistic precise imaging.

I have heard and owned tons of speakers from Kef Cresta, Kef C-95, Kef Q1, Kef Ref, Paradigm Studio 100, ProAc Tablette, Celestion... and many many others...

Email me for pictures...

btw: i would not gain anything of telling you something like that ;)

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