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Re: Repairing Celestion Sl6

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This can get involved. My suspicions are that of the crossover network based on what you are saying but..look down this list I am about to type...and or all of this can be the culpret.

Have you changed amplifiers?

1. Rubbing voice coils with the woofers, tweeters.
2. Bad solder joints inside the enclosures.
3. Faulty capacitors inside the crossovers.
4. Poor connection terminals.
5. Bad resistors in the crossovers.
6. Faulty inductance coils in the crossovers.
7. Corroded loudspeaker cable.
8. Amplifier producing distorted sound.
9. Source producing distorted sound.

I have had SL6 and SL600 celetions in the past. Nothing is really difficult to trace down since you have some education in electronics. The crossover is a simple LCR network. If all the connections internally are good and each driver plays clear outside the enclosure by bypassing the crossover (keep the volume exceedingly low when testing tweeters as they cannot handle more than a very low output on their own, reduce the bass control fully, keep the level low) then you have found the problem is the crossovers.

Very familiar with those loudspeakers.

Repair parts for the crossovers cn be found at www.madisound.com

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