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Inmate Central: Different strokes. by Rick W

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Different strokes.

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Yeah, who'd wanna live in NYC, Chicago, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen Munich, Brussels? One helluva lotta people, including me. I lived in Manhattan for over 40 years and worked on the road in the cities above (except London). Lots of other great cities all over the world I'd love to check out. The answer to your question is basically "If ya have to ask...."

We loved living in Manhattan. If we could have afforded a significantly larger apt. in Manhattan we'd probably still be there. But I really like where we are are now, in Weehawken, NJ. Very nice residential area, great friendly neighbors and takes us about 15 minutes to get to the city. No doubt you prefer the fantastic view of nature you have and I certainly can understand, but we enjoy our panoramic view of the Hudson River and the West Side of Manhattan skyline from the Freedom Tower up to around 65th St. too. Above is a small sample from our deck.

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Topic - Some day, someone's gonna have to explain to me why folks want to live in cities - mhardy6647 18:37:39 09/24/21 ( 32)