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The point of this ward is to discuss, for lack of a better phrase, "experimental or alternative audio"... approaches that are said to alter the subjectively perceived quality of playback, frequently with an absence of traditional/observable/measurable effects on pressure waves coming from speakers or the normally accepted signal chain.

Those who choose to participate in this on-going dialogue can be open-minded or skeptical, but their contributions (if they are to not vanish) will need to be geared to expanding and exploring the possibilities, not denying them. In short, those who choose to use science as a religion that worships at the altar of that which has already been established should post elsewhere.

The purpose of this forum will be to openly--and with genuine curiosity--consider the "experimental" and explore that which has yet to be (possibly) recognized. On the other hand, knee jerk responses from the other end of the spectrum--overreacting to constructive or exploratory skepticism--is behavior that only contributes to silliness and angst, and is also not acceptable.

To those who ask, "Isn't this being unscientific?":

Some may think so. Experimental audio is simply one approach. It does not say that differences exist with every application, only that there may be differences, some of which can't be addressed with conventional tools or understanding.

Many people feel that the true character of a system--which includes the listener (since you canšt separate the observer from the observed) and those applications/variables which affect the physiology or psychology of the listener ... wine, food, health, emotional state--is only realized after living with the variable in question. These people assert that it takes suspension of habitual/time-honored approaches, beliefs and perspectives; a willingness to experiment; and, sometimes, a good deal of time to fully appreciate and/or understand these certain differences. Understanding and appreciation, however, don't always go hand in hand. Almost all people appreciate love, few understand it. Does that mean we should do without?