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Membership Level Benefits Amount Payment Method
Fully Lobotomized
$5000.00 Credit Card   PayPal
Frontal Lobotomy
$1000.00 Credit Card   PayPal
Straight Jacket Club Get all three of Fidelis Records new Hybrid SACDs ($75 Value), Asylum Baseball Cap plus a yoyo!
$500.00 Credit Card   PayPal
Certifiable Loon Pick two of Fidelis Records new Hybrid SACDs ($50 Value), Asylum Baseball Cap plus a yoyo!
$250.00 Credit Card   PayPal
Inpatient Pick one of Fidelis Records new Hybrid SACDs ($25 Value) , Asylum Baseball Cap plus an Asylum yoyo!
$100.00 Credit Card   PayPal
Outpatient Asylum Baseball Cap and Official Asylum Competition Model Yo-yo
$50.00 Credit Card   PayPal
Undiagnosed Official Asylum Competition Model Yoyo.
$25.00 Credit Card   PayPal

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Why Should I Contribute?

The Audio Asylum is a free, independent resource made available to you by a small volunteer group of audio lunatics. This is not a profitable venture. Computer resources and network connections do cost money, lots of it!

1) Protect yourself from graphic ad abuse - We don't want to have banner ads paying for this site. Your contributions are critical to keeping the site banner free.

2) Help pay for an ever improving site - Computer resources and connections are expensive. We've upgraded servers, added additional servers and improved performance a lot. With your generous contributions, we can continue to improve the Asylum.

3) Membership has its privileges!

4) Four ways to contribute Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

  • Use any credit card. Just scroll down to login to our secure server .
  • Contribute via your Paypal account (Login with the link to use the automated version or if you must do it manually, use for Paypal payments). Please include your Asylum moniker with any Paypal payments.
  • Send credit card information securely via a FAX.
  • Send a check or credit card information via Snail Mail.

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