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SME 309 good match for Gyro SE?

Posted by Daverz on December 17, 2008 at 16:57:51:

I have an Incognito rewire of my old RB300 now and am getting upgrade-itis.

I like the removeable headshell on the 309 for easy cart swapping.

Some others arms I'm considering are the Moerch UP4 (my Michell Dealer uses Moerch, though I think he's using the DP6, not the unipivot UP4); the Origin Live Encounter; and, of course, the Michell Technoarm.

For carts that will be used with the arm, I'm vacillating between my AT150mlx (involving, great tracker) and my Benz L2 (warmer, silkier, more colorful, but doesn't track so well.)