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Original Message

Local dealer sells Rega P5 for $1200 or so...any suggested alternatives....

Posted by Animalogue on November 12, 2004 at 12:30:31:

I am not saying that I want to go less expensive, just that I will consider other tables in that price area. I am tempted to go with the Rega because the local dealer is one of the few analog people in the whole dang city (Seattle) that I know of. And the new P5 is a decent table, too. He has the Project tables, but I think I would pay the extra $ for a Rega. He also has a closeout on a Basis turntable–totally clear acrylic, detached motor, RB250 (?), for about $1000. Would that be a decent alternative?

There is a guy up the street who is into analog but is bit less analog/audiophile and a tad more toward the 45 rpm close-and-play school of "record playing". He sells Thorens, but he really doesn't know/care much about audiophile levels of performance. I would buy from him with hesitation.

Current TT is the Thorens 147 with Benz Ace into a Wright Sound Phonopre.

thanks in advance for the benefit of your experience and judgement.