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Original Message

I can see the confusion...

Posted by Ex Lion Tamer on November 3, 2004 at 12:53:35:

I have the same issue as you...

...Dragon Records release, no Pressure Drop.

but you look it up aat allmusic.com and you're brought to this release on Mango records with a significantly different track list...omits "Sit Right Down", "I Can't Believe", "Redemption Song", "Daddy", & It Was Written Down" (that's five of eight tracks)and adds; "Time Tough", "In The Dark", "Love Is Gonna Let Me Down", "Got to be There", "Country Road", "Pressure Drop" and "Sailing On" Making for a significantly different album.

I have "Pressure Drop" on The Harder They Come, so I'm not tooo troubled about it not being included, but the other six omissions sure have me curious. I'm assuming that the Mango release is the U.S. release, and the Dragon release is U.K.