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RE: Thanks very much for the info...

Posted by PAR on November 17, 2021 at 09:54:02:

Yes I have those first two Rolling Stones mono albums, red label Decca (1) and red label London (2). As you may know London was the imprint that Decca used to use in the USA because of the American Decca label. So how come I have a copy intended for the USA (both were pressed at New Malden in London)? Well so did everyone I knew in South London who had the album. A truck loaded with them mysteriously "lost" several boxes at the docks. I would have a good guess that mine was one of those although I didn't get it until few years ago second hand.

Yes the Stones first records came out a few months to a year later than the Beatles.

Incidentally , in line with the topic of this thread, those original Decca pressings in mono sound astonishingly good through my mono replay system. Decca had great engineers and the raw excitement of the group is undeniable. They are demonstration discs of mine for mono doubters.

So it's 1967 and you were up in Falmer, Brighton studying and I was down in Brighton itself at Brighton College of Art. I hope that you got to see some of the classic rock bands appearing there at around that time (and into 1968). I saw Jimi Hendrix twice, once at Sussex University and once at the Dome. Incredible String Band and Pentangle (Dome), Pink Floyd (Dome), Fleetwood Mac (King & Queen), Ten Years After (Jimmy's Blues Club). What a time to be young!