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Posted by teenage diplomat on July 21, 2021 at 20:07:25:

I'm a long-term VPI owner, and have gone from the JMW 12.7 to VPI's first-gen 3D printed tonearm to the Fatboy Gimbal I currently use. I don't Understand your problem. VTA isn't a function of tonearm material, and I've never heard of a Fatboy specific VTA. If your tonearm base has the VTA tower, you are able to set VTA for both the metal and the Fatboy arm wands the same way - by turning the dial on the tower to raise or lower the back of the arm as desired. Where there may be a difference is the height above the plinth the two armwands display when the armwand's female bearing sits on the spike in the arm base. If the Fatboy armwand sits lower on the spike, you may have to adjust the female bearing in the bearing cup with an Allen wrench if your armwand doesn't have sufficient clearance between the bottom of the bearing cup and the plinth, for example. Hope this helps.