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RE: Glued a quarter onto a piece of PVC conduit.

Posted by PAR on June 30, 2020 at 00:53:37:

I think I may have been the first poster here to mention using this material some years ago. I got the idea from a dealer who got it from the Expert Stylus Company.

I just squished a tiny ball of it onto the plastic alignment template for my SME V. Any piece of thin plastic like an old credit or similar card would do.

I can save you money over ghost's method. Use a penny! the amount you need to use is very small. and only the stylus tip will penetrate the Bergeon given normal VTF.

I am still using the same piece I started with originally but admit my regular (e.g. each side) stylus maintenance is with a carbon fibre stylus brush. The Bergeon does not dry out significantly and the amount you get in the pack is a lifetime's supply.