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RE: Quiet Record Cleaning Machines....

Posted by Bromo33333 on May 24, 2012 at 07:22:12:

The quietest one I have used is the Spin Clean - though it is fully manual (and easy to use). At $80 you could have that along with your VPI - no trade ins. Perhaps the VPI becomes "stage 2" if the spin clean isn't enough? Gets it cleaner than Nitty Gritty (my only basis of comparison) - but no vacuum suction, you spin the records through a brush and through a bath of cleaner - then once you turn it 3 times 1 way, 3 times the other way and then hand dry with lint free cloth. Works great, and is quieter than a whispered conversation.

I wish you didn't have to do the hand drying - pain in the butt, but you can listen to your records as you clean if you want to. Does solve the "quiet" problem. And once you get "in the groove" of it - you can get through a dozen records before you know it. You are also stuck using their proprietary cleaner, too (non alcohol based from its smell).

I found it hard to justify $500-600 when you can get the same for $80-120! I'll get a semi auto/full auto one day, but I simply cannot justify it right now...