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RE: How many of you are still using tuners regularly

Posted by SpotcheckBilly12345 on January 11, 2017 at 09:39:57:

Radio sucks in my area. The only decent programming is from a local college station, which is rather low-powered so it's hard to get a good signal at my home because of the mountains that tend to reflect the signal and bounce it around like a ping-pong ball, so I've been without a tuner for about thirty years.

One day last summer I happened to be browsing at our local GoodWill store and was surprised to see a Pioneer TX-6800 AM/FM tuner on the shelf with a quite low asking price of $9. I was able to plug in the power cord and see it light up and watch the tuning and the signal meters bounce around as I twiddled the dial so I took a chance and bought it.

It's not a high-end tuner, but for the $9. investment it does the job.

I now own a tuner after a thirty year absence, but radio in my area still sucks :-(