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Small TVs over the years

Posted by DavidLD on April 11, 2012 at 16:16:22:

Here is a photo of 4 small TV's I've owned over the years

The 9-inch Sears I bought for $89 in 1967 as I was headed off on my junior year in college (NDSU). I came close to getting kicked out of the dorm because at that time they had a "no TV in dorm rooms" rule at the time. Can you believe that? I worked and got the rule changed. This set works sorta but the tuner is not right any more, and I cant get it to lock in.

The tiny TV in the center is a Radio Shack Realistic Pocket TV 2. The date on this is the late 70s It runs on 2 AA batteries. The headphones are the antenna, and the tiny 3 inch picture reflects into a mirror you watch. IIRC I paid $39 for this back then. No way to reasonably connect to a digital tuner

The TV on the left is a WeatherX brand and not only has a TV but an FM and weather radio plus assorted flashlights including both a conventional one and one with two fluorescent bulbs. I bought this just before analog stations went away in the mid 2000's I think I got it for about $22. It plays well hooked to an external digital tuner box.

Finally, the TV I just got today--an RCA 7-incher flat pannel rechargeable battery. I paid $59 and it picks up lots of local digital stations and the picture isn't high resolution but quite watchable and its in COLOR. Clearly the best of these technologies.

Technology marches on, I guess.