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Re: Is it like this?

Posted by Rob on August 29, 1999 at 14:56:59:

The shape is correct - but I was off on some of the measurements....
I re-measured:
the alcove is 9' wide and 5' deep
the hallway is 3'8" wide and from the hallway back to the end of the
room is 8'
the ceiling is 7'8" high

I tried to do the graphic again and the system didn't want to keep the spaces in the format....don't know why, oh well

not sure what you meant about the diagonal curtain - except that maybe you thought the hallway extended more into the room on the 8' left side.

I'm assuming that I would potentially have to double up on the dampening on one side of the room to compensate for the imbalance of side reflections? Also condidering the imbalance of sitting position - ie. the couches closer to the right wall than the left - should I mount the rear speakers on the rear wall instead of the sides?

does it make sense to have the tv and fronts in the alcove area, or should I reverse the whole setup 180 degrees and face the larger wall?

when you said that the room should have an 8' ceiling - does this mean 8'is the optimum, or that 8' is what most people have in finished basements and therefore would have to deal with it?

Thanks Mart for your reply, and I also welcome anyone who would have input....