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RE: Down East Amp Base

Posted by mark.korda@myfairpoint.net on October 4, 2023 at 09:15:46:

Tre', that article you sent me is above and beyond! Thanks so much for making such a good clear copy and taking the time and effort! I just scanned through it for now and I'm going to save it for later to read real slow, like a 16 year old with a Penthouse Forum. I have 2 A-13 Heathkit monos with my own pen scratching by a member past on how to remove the tone controls that seemed easy,that's my next project. I have my AA-32 hooked up with a Y cable to the sub so I eliminated the crossover. The BASH sub amp has a cut off frequency built in so the AA-32 signal is un stressed in the low bass. Thanks again Tre'.....A good egg with an apostrophe...Mark Korda