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The Latest on Power Conditioners / AC Regenerators

Posted by peter3 on July 31, 2020 at 07:43:27:

Friends, I have been out of the power conditioner / AC regenerator game for a while since the PS Audio PS300 days. I am experiencing a renewed interest in 2-channel audio and looking for an off-the-shelf, ready to plug and play solution primarily for source and pre-amp components (I plug my amps directly to the wall). Your insight on the following would be much appreciated:

1. What is the latest thinking on power conditioner / AC regenerator technology? Is it still a thing?
2. Which brand and model would you recommend?
3. Is it possible to get an effective solution for under $1K, new or used?

My system:
Amps - Odyssey Stratos Mono Extreme
Pre-amp - Emotiva XDA
CD Player - Sony DVP-NS999ES
Speakers - Magnepan 3.6