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Re: you bet!

Posted by Duster on April 16, 2007 at 10:59:29:

I'm glad you also find the Oyaide R1 Beryllium & WPC-Z wall mount unit to perform as great as described (I fully agree). It's a winning combo :-)

"...i wish the damn IEC connections on the back of all our electronics could be made to work like that."

You can wrap a small length of 3M Transpore medical tape around the end of a IEC connector if you find that it has a too-loose fit when plugged into an IEC inlet. The small wrap of tape will enable the plug to grip the IEC inlet slot quite snugly and might even provide a small measure of microphonic vibration damping, to boot. 3M Transpore medical tape is a porous polyethylene product with a very thin layer of medical grade adhesive that provides excellent adherence but won't leave a thick, gummy adhesive deposit like electrical tape often does after removal (if it matters, PVC electrical tape has an inferior dielectric constant vs. PE, anyway).

3M Transpore medical tape is available at Rite Aid drug stores, etc.