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Uh, Mart?

Posted by Tom S. on March 19, 1999 at 17:31:41:

>>The mear size of a the tube's following, makes me believe that I've been missing something. And like you, I don't want to miss anything that might improve the sound that I'm hearing.<<

Yes. You have been missing something if haven't heard a properly setup tube amp.

>>On one hand, there just might be a tube fixture that doesn't require a mortition. And on the other is a sinking feeling that there is something inherently wrong with the device that may vary that much for almost no reason (or, @ least it seems nobody bothered to find out).<<

Not sure what you're getting at here. Think you could rephrase a little?

>>The tube seems to compress & soft-clip the sound to give it a very artificial plastic sound.<<

From my listening, the musical intruments sounded more real than they did on SS. High frequencies do contribute to detail, but the quality of the midrange will will have a greater affect on the musical presenttion. In general, tubes reproduce midrange better than SS. Have you gone to the web site that I posted under Scott Woebcke's post? There is some theory there as to why tubes have a great sounding midrange.

>> It's more that I'm on a quest for clarity for both amps have pros & cons. I'm looking for a better blend than that's touted.<<

Are you talking about hybrid amps? Kinda confusing statement here.

>>I may find the "pot o' gold"<<

You are just going to have to experiment yourself to see what is right for your tastes. You can't quantify and then experiment. You have to perform the experiment first and then quantify your results.

Have fun,
Tom S.