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Simple to buy only tested tubes

Posted by andy evans on August 14, 2021 at 10:41:31:

In Europe on eBay you frequently see photos of the tube in question in the tube tester. Particularly in Germany vendors are good at recording actual test results. A lot of vendors have tube testers, and if they won't give youth results as a percentage of new it's up to you to buy or look elsewhere. "Tests good" only means 60% upwards, and 60% isn't great. You would usually be looking for 80% and above. And if you see a vendor with a tester (look at other tubes he's selling) saying "filaments good" it's a good bet he tested the tube and got a low result.

This doesn't address the question of rebranding tubes, but it addresses the question of whether you're getting a strong tube or not (80% or over). I'd prefer a reliably tested used tube to a "new" boxed tube. You can get all kinds of tubes in what looks like their original boxes.