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RE: Take on VT-25 / 801 / VT-62 / 10 Tubes?

Posted by Ed Sawyer on January 11, 2017 at 09:21:48:

It's hard to go wrong with any 10 variant, I have tried most of them. A few points:

1608 is a high-mu version of the 2A3, not related to the 10 family. 1602 is a selected 10, fairly rare but mostly just a grading designation, no real construction differences. the 841 and 842 are high- and low- mu versions of the 10, respectively. Both are fairly uncommon though the 842 is the rarer of the two.

There's also mesh plate globe varieties, which are probably the rarest of the actual 10 types.

The UV-202 is the real parent of the line, and predates the globe 10 by a fair bit. Higher filament current and slightly different base (UV4 vs UX4) but otherwise similar enough that it could be tried in place of a 10 with some caveats.