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RE: Mullard 10M Tubes.

Posted by tvr2500m on June 29, 2012 at 22:43:09:

Agreed. Marketing. I wish someone would produce some kind, any kind, of evidence of any of these specially branded tubes somehow being special or different - Sylvania Gold Brands, IEC 10Ms, Philips/Amperex SQ/PQ, GE 5-Star, RCA Command, National Goldline, Westinghouse Gold Star, whatever. I bought a lovely piece of literature some years ago that was issued by Sylvania about the GB tubes. Nothing specific about any tube or tubes was mentioned.

I've got some 10Ms, and they're RFTs. Lovely enough tubes. I like the RFT ECC82. These don't sound, test, or last any differently from a non-IEC 10M branded RFT, though.

No matter whether a tube is specially selected from an assembly line, or even constructed differently, can the final sonic performance be guaranteed by this selection, grading, or construction? The Genelex data sheets that come with some of the tubes are lovely, but what kind of "improved" or "better" performance do they guarantee or reveal whether there's something different going on in the bottle.

- SJ