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Rugged 6V6 tubes for guitar amp

Posted by Interstage Tranny on July 2, 2008 at 16:52:19:

Most of the early manufactured tubes were the best manufacturer's effort, with the finest materials and quality inside. If you have the room for them, 6V6Gs are wonderful sounding. However, finding unused matched pairs or quads is like finding unobtainium. Metal 6V6s are very underrated, and extremely inexpensive. Just leave a leather glove near the amp, if you have to change them, quickly(LOL).

The JAN type tubes were made for military use; failures were not an option. There were some brown based, micanol, 6V6GTYs that are very worthwhile, at a price though.

Stage requirements may upstage sonic desires. Guitar and ex-PA amps tend to have higher voltages than hifi designed stuff. If your B+ for the 6V6s is over 325V, I would want to be able to view the inside of the tube, to see if the heavy blue glow, or red plate syndrom, exists, warning of impending failure. So, the dark glass or metal tubes, while sonically excellent, might hinder your flat-out wailing.

On the other hand, if your rebuilt amp is stable and cool running, you must try the metal tubes and early dark glass versions, as their tone might be just what the doctor ordered. During the break-in period, making sure the amp is stable for long hours and runs cool, you might want to source the military grade JAN types. Rock On....