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I've never read anyone advising against biamping with tubed amps.

Posted by jeffreybehr on February 21, 2007 at 21:06:49:

I have read those who believe all channels should be identical, but that's sure not my experience. My last 2 system were actively biamped with a big SS amp on the bass and a medium or small tubed amp on the MR and treble.

I'm now actively triamping my high-sensitivity system with 2.5 Watts of tubed SET power on each of the treble and MR channels and that same huge SS amp on the bass.

My system sounds better and better as I improve it. Here's the latest improvement, that 2.5WPC tubed SET.
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PS. One doesn't biamps amps, one biamps speakers WITH amps. :-)

Tin-eared audiofool and obsessed landscape fotografer.