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Original Message

Thanks, Ray, I didn't realize the rectifier tube....

Posted by radiance on December 5, 2006 at 11:23:49:

....heats up more slowly than the others...

or maybe it's that even though it heats up at the same rate, the B+ comes on softly, so cathode stripping doesn't occur anyway...

in either case, I see now - yeah, you're right, I don't need the delay.

Well, how about that - Heathkit knew what they were doing after all!!

Another great reason to use tube diodes, sure saves a lot of trouble. And gives better sonics. Well worth the voltage drop and filament current, I think.

Thanks for the caution about the cathode ending up at B+, good reminder.

best, charles
"It ain't a comeback until it's left the shop" Jimmy Dunne, the first man to drive a VW Beetle faster than 200 mph, and he has the forehead scar to prove it; I will always honor him for taking a chance on me when I wanted to be an engine mechanic.