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Re: Edison 60 with 300B`s

Posted by herman on October 31, 2001 at 11:25:07:

You are right of course, telling me to learn the theory so I can understand what I am doing. My intention is to get a better understanding of amplifier designs and valve theory. With kits you don`t need much of that. I understand that my Edison isn`t suitable for 300B`s, so I think I leave it for now and consentrate on my speaker kit (Hammer Dynamics) arriving (hopefully) any day now. I`m a bit conserned that the small amount of hum in the Edison wil be a problem with a 97db loudspeaker. It may be a better solution to try one of the 300B kits that is offered all over internet. Well, it`s Christmas soon.

Thank you for your answer.