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Re: plate load-"brilliant" question

Posted by dave slagle on October 29, 2001 at 19:12:25:

i'm confused here...

are you using a single 5Y3 per tube, or are you connecting both plates to the respective cathodes of the 2a3's and the filament of the 5Y3 to ground???

you say 35V @ 115ma, but how are you getting 115ma??? i am asuming its the combined current through both tubes, but you have to consider the current for each rectifier plate, which is just under 60ma and a 35V drop which sounds about right...

you also mention a 5VDC filament... is that for the 5Y3??? did you try ac... it just seems odd rectifying the filaments of a rectifier... just curious... i never considered the filament as cathode of the directly heated rectifiers... i suppods that could be an issue.