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RE: didn't hear the difference ...

Posted by deathtube 667 on January 10, 2022 at 12:10:07:

"As a novice I destroyed one expensive transformer, two output transformers and half a dozen chokes. I personally can not hear the difference and have learned my lesson. Not antagonizing DT here as he did not bring it up. I did however learn the hard way on this particular issue."

JDM has extensive experience listening to some of the best transducers ever produced by Altec and others. Plus, he was with DF for over a decade at RMAF. JDM knows what to listen for and perhaps we don't know as much.

The fact that JDM has been able to "optimize" magnetic lead out wires with reported successful results underscores his skill as a builder of SE tube amplifiers.

DT667 is also NOT optimizing magnetic lead out wires in order to reduce the complexity of amplifier projects. That will be for another time.