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RE: Bottlehead c4s w/standard RED LED's

Posted by deathtube 667 on July 22, 2021 at 03:14:21:

"The original HP LEDs have been out of production for many years. We currently use a version with identical performance specifications but a different format. The originals were chosen by the late John 'Buddha" Camille for their low noise and low dynamic impedance."

DT667 purchased the C4S manual years ago and DIY'ed C4S on perf boards with standard RED LED's.

The RED LED's were sourced from Mouser.

Of course, that does not say much for how those LED's performed vs. the HP units selected by JBC or those currently used by Bottlehead in their product line.

Perhaps all of this is meaningful to professional audio product engineers vs. typical hobby-level listeners.