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Sticky Shed drier

Posted by caffeinator on November 11, 2006 at 11:09:54:

I've seen posts on here about sticky-shed, and about avoiding it through drying tapes carefully.

So, I'm in the basement, getting a box of reel to reel tapes, and to get to it, I have to move this @$%&ing food drier my wife insisted we needed at some point in time, and I notice the nice flat racks in the drier...and I look at the thickness of a reel...and compare it to the spacing of the racks...

So my question is, would a sort of convective drying be effective means of trying to avoid the dread shed, and if so, would a food drier work for this? I know they don't get real hot...and it's just the right size..

Also, on the subject of shed, is it always a risk? Is it a 'better safe than sorry' precaution to do some kind of drying for tapes that have been in slightly humid environments (my basement is somewhat cellar-like in that regard...not moist or even damp but a little more humid than the upstairs).