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Re: Need fuller sounding speakers

Posted by Mike M on August 30, 1999 at 12:41:36:

Sounds like the Legacy Focus, or possible the legacy Whisper might be just what you need. I have the Focus and that "full" sound that you want is exactly what appealed to me. They may require a large area, but their 6 12" woofers will move quite a lot of air! The sound is detailed and refined - don't be mislead by those who mistakenlyy claim that the large number of drivers only qualify these speakers as loud rock-oriented speakers. My love of music is for acoustic jazz, and the Focus deliver detail and realism that makes the music feel intimate and alive in my room. I'm not well acquainted with the Whisper, but the general impression is that they share the sound qualities of the Focus, only with improved dispersion and imaging. If you're not familiar with their line, vist their website at www.legacy-audio.com and by all means, go and give them a thorough listen. My first (of two) auditions of the Focus was in a private home with bare wooden floors, and I expected the sound to be bright, but to my surprise it was detailed and rather neutral. Good luck to you.

Mike M