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But a common sentiment

Posted by Luminator on July 3, 2021 at 10:25:27:

I personally agree with you. For my 18th birthday, I suppose I could have gotten Nike shoes, video games, and sports equipment. But I wanted to get into high-end audio. And it helped that, without the internet in 1990, we audiophiles actually had to meet each other in person, and exchange experiences, music, ideas, and even products.

I went back to Audiophile J (I checked his moniker, and his last post was in 2012), and asked for permission to quote him. He says that he's had several B&W loudspeakers, and that his one Totem was the Forest, which was covered earlier in this series.

"We can't change when we were born."

"I'm pretty confident that most long-time audiophiles are Boomers like me. Therefore, when high-end audio beckoned in the late 1980s, we were already adults, deep into our working and family lives."

"At the time, I was glad that I wasn't, like you, a teenager, when I got into high-end audio. When you talk about your generation growing up, pop culture, virginity, becoming adults, college, sports, girls, MTV, coming out of the closet, and all that, I double down. I count my lucky stars, that all that wasn't mixed with entrance into high-end audio."

"Even the haters might agree with me on this."

When other audiophiles email me, they do express relief, that they were already well into adulthood, when they got into high-end audio.

"Hey if I ever get off of my lazy ass, I'll have to have some of that boba you keep mentioning."

Now that some COVID restrictions have been lifted, my friends have gathered in larger numbers. We recently had 8 boba drinks (pictured at top of this page) from iTea. Though we don't share straws like we used to, we like having enough of us, to order a variety. Although you may not sample the other 7 drinks, you get to see what they look like, and gauge your friends' reactions. That way, you have a better idea of what to get, the next time you get boba.

To a lesser extent, that's also how my audio circle works. When two others borrowed this Totem Sky, one said, "I think this appeals more to Lummy," and arranged to ship it to me. That's also how I came upon the Totem Fire, which, in a future post, will be compared against the Sky.