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Re: handling boomy speaker !!!!!

Posted by Hyperion on August 14, 2000 at 01:02:10:

How big is your room? It sounds like the Dyn 1.8s are too much for this room. They maybe compact as floorstanders go but their bass output is very generous. What specific bass freq range is problematic? (boominess is usually caused my excessive upper-midbass and lower-upper bass) Are your bass traps designed to treat these frequencies?

Stuffing the port will decrease the bass output and may help reduce the boom but it may throw the speaker's balance out of whack since speakers optimized for reflex ported operation usually sound shut in when converted into semi-sealed type designs.

You may also be using the wrong cable, reflex ported Dyn speakers are synergistic with cables with inherently lean bass like the OCOS.