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RE: REVIEW: Jean-Marie Reynaud Twin Mark ll Speakers

Posted by Joe R. on December 9, 2007 at 12:16:49:

Well, I'll echo others here and say 'very nice review'. A very nice 'real world' review...and I mean that in the best possible way. You sum up my experience with the Arpeggione Signatures -- which I own -- very well.

Your description of 'thick' (but NOT rolled off or slow) seems about right. I don't know if it's entirely 'accurate' by some folks' definition of that term. But it can sure make them sound like live music. Maybe it was Bob that wrote somewhere that they are not as 'accurate to source' as other speakers but are more 'accurate to the performance' or words to that effect. I would agree with that sentiment.

The Arpeggiones pressurize my room better than any other speakers I have had, especially at low volumes. I have never heard another speaker that sounds so realistic at low volume levels. They also image very well (both side to side and front to back) even though I have an entertainment center slightly behind and between them.

Yes, occaisionally, on some recordings, there can be a bit too much of this 'thickness'...which does have me very curious about the forthcoming models and the Cantabile Signatures as well. (I've also become intrigued with the Devore Gibbon Super 8s but have not had a chance to hear them and am a bit afraid to change brands considering the fact that the Reynauds are so darn enjoyable.)

I've had the Arpeggiones for about a year and a half now and they are more fun to listen to now than they were when I first got them. I'm currently driving them with my home brew 17wpc EL84 DIYTube ST-35 and the sound is fantastic. By the way, I never want for bass...the Reynauds go unbelievably low (in my room anyway) for a small two-way floorstander.

Anyway, sorry...I didn't mean this to turn into a review. But yours was so good it kind of got me jazzed. ;0)