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Re: Only 2 speakers under $1,000 worth a darn

Posted by Sean on April 28, 2000 at 19:31:59:

Your "test" for sibilance on female vocals is not very reliable. I had a friend with a set of speakers that sounded QUITE sibilant in a specific system . Changed one cable and it sounded much smoother. It did lose a bit of "air", but was well worth the trade-off. The same could be said of substituting a different amp, preamp, DAC, etc...

It's all about system synergy. You might be amazed at how good some products that you wrote off as being "crap" could sound if you only took the time to fine tune the system that they were in. This takes time and a LOT of trial and error. Most people don't have the resources, time, knowledge or patience to get the most out of their individual systems.

I do agree that less expensive speakers with metal domes should be avoided at all costs though. With most people using "digital" sources, the sound would typically be very annoying after only a short period of time. Sean