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Why are the B&W 700 series less used than the CDM NT series?

Posted by bluesky on November 30, 2004 at 20:03:00:


I love the B&W 700 series(703,704,705) and CDM NT series(9NT,7NT,1NT) very much. I feel that those are good speakers. Many people and I recommended them on the sites in my country and they become used now much than before there. They were used rarely before. I live in South Korea.

But I have searched them on the Audioasylum. Although the former is better than the latter in respect of sound quality,I find out the 700 series less used than the CDM NT series.

Are there any reason for it? I'd like to know it. The ugly design of the 700 series'? The cost push of theirs? Any other reason? Thanks.