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RE: Sure do....

Posted by mach1 on June 27, 2012 at 20:56:34:

Jeff the point is you posted

'You do not want the -3 dB point on the Rk of the driver and final stages to be the same frequency, or to "stack" on each other. If you use a 10 uF WE cap ( I'd prefer the 6.8 uF GE film with bypass over the WE513C-dealer's choice) you are at 3.97 HZ. The values I suggested for the SRPP's 270 ohm bypass, 60 uF to 75 uF will pretty much guarantee they do not stack at the same frequency.'

At the bottom is a handy calculator I often use, 'hope you and other Members enjoy it.

This is just plain wrong wrong wrong: the -3db point is NOT 3.97Hz. You present yourself as some sort of design guru, so some innocent newbies are going to believe this garbage. This is my issue. When you do things like this you spread disinformation.

'When it comes to EE and Rk bypass formulas, I do not use those formulas. No loss at all.'

No you just tell all and sundry to use the wrong ones.
The calculator you linked has not and never will spit out the correct -3db points. What intrigues me is why you would use it in the first place, since you design 'by ear'. As I stated before, these threads are not about logic and reasoning they are about egos. And you still don't get it.