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RE: Pro Speaker recommendation for small dance club

Posted by Inmate51 on June 7, 2011 at 20:08:45:

Sorry for the delayed reply. Regarding favorites - no, not really. There are lots of nice-sounding speakers out there. Which ones are most suited for your needs depends on a variety of factors, including aesthetics and practicality of installation.

PSG is on the right track with his comment about using four mains, although I'd bump that up to six (three on each long wall) or maybe even eight, and a minimum of two subs crossed at or below 80 Hz.

Since John Meyer taught me, many years ago, the majority of my understanding of loudspeaker/sound propagation physics, I'm still a bit partial to his products, but I fully recognize that there are products from other companies which may meet your needs just as well, or maybe even better. In general, I'd be looking at main boxes which are clean above about 80 - 100 Hz, at the SPL you want, and have the desired dispersion up to at least 12 KHz. These may be 2-way or 3-way boxes, but in either case, will require a subwoofer, making it a 3 or 4-way system.

I'd also narrow the search to 12", or better yet, 10" woofers, excluding sub. The use of 15" woofers up to crossing over to the high frequency driver only works in a limited range of scenarios, and yours isn't one of them.

www.meyersound.com is the site for John Meyer's products. Beyond that, EV, Danley, JBL, QSC, and Yamaha may also have something for you. (And yes, I read the Danley/Meyer "shoot out" in another forum. Tom - please post that pic of the world's largest subwoofer, the one in the shipping container!)

Ok, I think I'm done here. Good luck!