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RE: Is there another way to stream Tidal through RPi?

Posted by zacster on January 28, 2024 at 09:48:26:

I have all of my RPis running the older version of Volumio, which exposes them as both UPnP and Airplay receivers. I can cast from any device that runs one of these protocols either as part of the OS or built into the app. I generally use a Mac running Audirvana to cast via UPnP in hi-res, and Audirvana handles both connecting to Qobuz and Tidal.

This wont help you though if you want to stay completely on the RPi. I tried Volumio's later version with the Qobuz plug-in but found the interface lacking compared to Audirvana, and it also didn't work properly with UPnP for some reason. I didn't try Tidal though because at that time I wasn't using it. They may have fixed all that as it's been awhile already since I tried.

I also got PcP to work with Qobuz but then it wouldn't work with Audirvana, it seemed to be one or the other.