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Interesting possibility

Posted by Bambi B on March 18, 2007 at 09:19:20:


You might also read my reply to markrohr on the subject of "anon" who has been a regular poster here for quite a long time, usually on the subject of radio stations, but there was also a long period of an odd, seeming obsession with two people: bass baritone and commentator Robert Samels and a composer named Jake Sentgeorge, who "anon" must have had some dealings with, perhaps as a student in Indiana- which is all I can glean from these posts.

The posts under "65.15.xxx.xxx"- obviously the same person as was another series under "4.160.xxx.xxx" intrigued me on several levels of language and psychology. Over the years I've tried to sort of provoke "anon" into answering in a meaningful way, but I can never manage to really penetrate and use his manner of language. In this instance as before, there is always "no comment".

You raise an interesting point as to the possibility of someone who may indeed be a brilliant musician for example, but has some other mechanisms that make for this unique approach to verbal/written communication.

I would dearly love "anon" to post with some degree of personal history, but it seems there this person wishes to always pursue this strange, impersonal and indirect way of communicating. His kind of surpressed personality does suggest something along the lines you mention.

I should mention, I don't intend to humiliate or taunt anon- who appears to care about the quality of classical radio- in some abstract way- but as long as the purpose here is to talk about music, only try to pry some direct communication so these posts are actual discussions of the topic.

Of course, the truth might be very simple that anon is someone writing English as a second language, but the word order and word use doesn't resemble language patterns I recognise. I don't think these posts are computer translations from another language- though that's possible or that these are somehow "generated".

Where's our friend Dr. Draz when we need him?


Bambi B