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Myestands. Thumbs up.

Posted by Davey on November 9, 2002 at 08:00:16:

My cousin (a forum lurker) recently purchased a set of Myestands for his Maggie 1.6 speakers. I have to agree with other comments made by fellow inmates regarding the workmanship and fit of these stands....First rate. The design is simple and very effective. Welding and powder coating look excellent.

I was surprised at how much more stable the speakers were considering that the "footprint" of the stand is no larger than that created by the stock legs. This is definitely an excellent safety feature in case kids/grandkids/dogs/etc happen to be making a hot lap through the listening room and manage to bump one of the speakers. These are visually unobtrusive as well.

I can't comment on sound improvements since my reference point was about two months old, but my cousin used a variety of adjectives to describe the improvements in sound the Myestands made. He has a keen set of ears so I'm sure he's correct.

The shipping container(s) are also pretty cool. I don't see how in the world the UPS could damage these in transit!


Very cool.