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1.6 line level xover update

Posted by paco on February 11, 2002 at 14:59:02:

the insertion of 2 Ultimate Outlets gave me more soundstage
and musicality, but also more bass; then my new CC copper IC's
showed that my former solid silver ones were putting the
emphasis on the high midrange and treble; as a whole, i ended
up with a much better sound BUT the tonal balance clearly on
the dark side

to solve this i made some changes in my passive line level
xovers (between preamp and power amps); first the low pass:
i replaced the Vishay resistors by Caddock and the Rel RT
caps by Multicap RTX, so the bass was a little clearer and
"crisper"; second, the high pass: i left my former Jensen
copper PIO, but did some experiments with the values of
the resistors, in order to reduce the attenuation on my tweeters;
i finally ended up by replacing the former voltage divider values,
5.5K series/4.5K parallel, by new ones: 3.3K ser/6.8K par,
which is giving my present high pass filters about 3.5 db less
insertion loss

(btw, i tried Caddocks as well, but they sounded really
awful to my ears, with no control of the highest highs
and a very, very dry sound, so i finally inserted Audio
Note tantalums, both in series and in parallel, to recover
my former musicality)

now the global tonal balance is much more to my liking

the lesson is: be careful when adding new tweaks, as the
consequences may force you to modify your former ones

best, paco